Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Modern, natural and organic, LexLuxe combines earthy and understated with refinement and elegance. Using fine recycled metals and conflict free gemstones in her designs, she creates hand-crafted soulful statement pieces... rough cut chocolate diamonds, black garnet, and more here...



Tara Donovan: born and raised in NY, Ms. Donovan is an artist who transforms everyday disposable items into elegant sculptures and instillations. As she explains, "My work might appear 'organic' or 'alive' specifically because my process mimics, in the most elementary sense, basic systems of growth found in nature."

Hazed, 2006, stacked clear plastic drinking straws

Untitled, 2003, styrofoam cups and hot glue

Friday, August 26, 2011



When we let things be as they are
The river of kindness rises to the
surface of our lives.
One sip and the spirit is renewed...
Drink again.
Drink deeply.
The water will flow in your veins.
And you will become fearless...
Free to care about others
The way you care about your
hands and feet.

Krishna Das


"Fashion is so much more than a piece of fabric and a silhouette. Hard, soft, furry, smooth, rough, fine, open, closed, warm or cold, even the finest layer of textile can change the human figure from being naked and vulnerable, into being protected, strong or seductive..."