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Car Lust//Renault Twizy


Twizy is an unprecedented solution for city motoring.  Twizy is a member of the "twin family" of vehicles designed for trips for two, Renault's new star combines head-turning styling with conceptual breakthrough to make the electric revolution not just a technological feat but a social phenomenon, too. 

Agile, fun, frugal and clean, and boasting an excellent braking system, Twizy impresses with its radical concept as a precursor of everyday vehicles of the future. Visibility is excellent as both sides of the vehicle are structure-free apart from protective wings, which will be available as options.

A lightweight and compact quadricycle, Twizy is the unidentified driving object that the electric revolution has been waiting for. Twizy is a bold creation that is set to change city life.  (source)

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