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Ellie Cryer//

Ellie Cryer graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2007 with a BA degree in Illustration.
She likes to draw things. Pretty things, disturbing things, stuff and things, nice horseys, pandas, lollipops and crisps and lips and rocket ships and pirate radios. She is inspired by nature and stories, lyrics and poetry, dreams and oddities and overheard conversations. If she didn't draw pictures she would chase storms and spot planes.
For your pleasure, and financial reward, she will perform any number of feats and pencil acrobatics.

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Truth//The Tyranny of the Yoga Industry

Yoga was simply a set of fun, challenging physical exercises and postures (asanas) that brought my body more into alignment, strength and balance, and made it easier to sit in stillness and meditation for a little while afterwards.

That was it.

It could have been surfing, or pilates, or running, or the gym, but what worked for me was yoga. I liked it. It made me happy and as a blunt, bordering-on-the-Aspergers-spectrum cynic, it made me a little easier to be around.

Fast forward 14 years, and I live in Venice Beach, California, surrounded by a yoga ‘industry’ which is at once competitive, judgmental, egotistical, consumerist and self-important. It’s an industry which is saturated with teachers continually pushing themselves to gain a cult following with gorgeously saturated selfies of themselves, or pictures by Robert Sturman, in more and more challenging inversions and arm balances.

Everything is for sale in a yoga teacher’s life.

SNL//Real Housewives of Disney

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