Tuesday, September 20, 2011


model, muse and mistress of reknowned photographer, Jacques Henri Lartigue

"half past five at the Embassy. I wait for my 'parasol' from last night. I need a whiskey. I'm very shy deep down, and ready to be furious if she doesn't show up. My curiosity would be most disappointed..."

"Five thirty-five. There she is! Can it really be her? Ravishing, tall, slim, with a small mouth and full painted lips, and dark porcelain eyes. She casts aside her fur coat in a gust of warm perfume.

We're going to dance. Mexican? Cuban? Her small head sits on a very long neck. She is tall; her mouth is at the level of my chin. When we dance my mouth is not far from her mouth. Her hair brushes against both."

'Romanian. My name is Renee P... I was a model at Doeuillet...'

"Delicious. She takes off her gloves. Long little girl's hands. Something in my mind starts dancing..."

~Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986),
Diary, Paris, March 7, 1930

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