Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Krupp Diamond, 1968

Richard Burton paid $305,000 for the 33.19-carat Harry Winston ring in 1968. "This remarkable stone is called the Krupp diamond because it had been owned by Vera Krupp, of the famous munitions family that helped knock off millions of Jews," wrote Taylor.

"When it came up for auction in the late 1960s, I thought how perfect it would be if a nice Jewish girl like me were to own it. In truth, though, there's nothing funny about the Krupp. When I look into it, the deep Asscher cuts-which are so complete and ravishing-are like steps that lead into eternity and beyond. With its sparks of red and white and blue and purple, and on and on, really, it sort of hums with its own beatific life. To me, the Krupp says, 'I want to share my chemistry-mymagic-with you.'"

The couple in Budapest for Taylor's 40th birthday in 1972.

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