Monday, November 7, 2011


1. i've discovered that the best nuzzle spot in the world resides on either side of your face, in your beard/ear/neck region.

2. your innate smell has the power to stop me dead in my tracks - instantly turning me on, and soothing and comforting me all at the same time.

3. you take the time to explore the hard questions. and are not afraid of the answers.

4. you take pleasure in all the details of life.

5. your mind fascinates me! you are a complex mix of art, science, humanity, intuition, zen... a neverending source of amazement.

6. you see right into my soul and i no longer have any reasons to hide.

7. you give me the love and interconnectedness that i have beeing searching for my entire life.

8. you offer me the entire world and encourage/challenge me to dream and stretch my self-imposed limits of mind/body/soul.

9. you care to indulge in the luxuries of life...

10. you seek to know me in the ways that no one else has ever known me.

You are my all-time favorite everything - lover, best friend, partner in crime - partner in life!

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