Thursday, December 1, 2011


So I had a dream last night...
You, M and I were eating Indian food that we had to microwave in one of about 30 machines in this cafeteria-like room. We were sitting dead-center in the middle of the food, and you and M were discussing how delicious the food was and that you loved the irony of this place, and I was grossed out. I couldn't figure out where O was and then I saw him sitting in a booth in the far corner. He looked mad and I knew I was in trouble for something, but instead of going to talk to him I started and impromptu dance party on the tables... this went on for some time to hits like Sweet Child O' Mine, Our Lips are Sealed, and Material Girl. We had decided to leave when two flamboyantly gay men came running in, handed me a half-eaten load of bread and shrieked, "CONGRATULATIONS!" while hugging and jumping up and down, and then they handed me their keys and asked me to watch their house while they were in Greece.

This occurred during the only 40 minutes of sleep I got last night.


Visitors of LeMeowLeMew, please feel free to post your thoughts on what this dream might actually mean... the floor is open

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