Friday, January 13, 2012

I Like Oysters...

1. Hog Island Sweetwater, CA
“From Northern California—these Pacific oysters are sweet and creamy, with a mineral finish.”

2. Mermaid Strait, PEI
“Canadian Atlantic oysters with a briny smoothness, and hint of cucumber.”

3. Fishing Creek James River, VA
“From the famed Chesapeake Bay, these larger oysters are salty and succulent.”

4. Island Creek, MA
“Buttery and briny, these cold-water oysters have a wonderful clean taste.”

5. Peconic Bay, Long Island
“Plump, savory, with a trace of buttery finish.”

6. Kusshi, BC
“Small in size, big in flavor. Originating in Japan, these Canadian gems are sweet, clean and creamy.”

7. Belon, ME
“A distinctly different species, originally from Northern France, these flat-shelled oysters are mild with a pleasing metallic tang.”

A Festive Selection from Chef April Bloomfield's Latest Restaurant
Swallow Magazine editor James Casey has provided tasting notes

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