Friday, February 17, 2012

REPOSTING: Response to Article, from Anonymous Reader

This is an excellent, eloquently-expressed article that articulates exactly how I feel about the situation, but I found the most interesting point to be where you post the question “what if Chris Brown had punched Taylor Swift that night?” Because, let’s face it, we all know there’s no WAY Chris Brown would be back at the Grammys tonight if he’d attacked sweet, virginal, innocent little Taylor… But raunchy, highly-sexualised Rihanna on the other hand, the slutty bitch looked like she had it coming. Right?

THIS attitude is the problem with society. Because a girl looks like a slapper, because she dresses sexily, because she looks like she TALKS BACK, that somehow it means that when she’s punched in the face it’s not as much of an issue. People need to get over it and give the dude a break. I mean, SHE WAS PROBABLY PARTLY TO BLAME ANYWAY.

If Chris Brown HAD beaten up poor, defenceless little Taylor, I doubt we (other celebrities and the media) would EVER implicitly suggest she should be held partially responsible. And we need to ask ourselves why exactly that is.

Oh, and some of the comments on this thread are truly depressing. Like, I’m facepalming myself to death over here.

But yeah, congrats. Very interesting.

full article and reader responses, here

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