Monday, July 28, 2014


By teaching stillness we create moments
for our children to rebalance.
Stillness is a natural response
when we observe nature.
Silence falls upon us,
our breath slows,
our heart opens.
As we enter the frequency of nature,
we experience inner harmony.
These moments of stillness
become the pauses
within our children’s days
that allow them to momentarily reset
and once again find inner balance.
Stillness is a natural response
as we observe nature.
And for this reason,
the easiest and most natural way
to teach stillness
is by taking the time to observe
the natural world around us.
Take a moment
to think of how we find ourselves
completely still and quiet
as we watch a rabbit nibble
on a patch of grass.
As soon as the words,
‘Look over there!’ are uttered
in reference to some fauna or flora,
silence falls upon us.
We stop talking and look.
Not only does our mind become quiet,
but our body becomes still.
Why is this?
Is this simply old programming
that our modern world has not yet erased?
Or is it something deeper?
Have we awakened our primordial spirit
as we find ourselves once again
in tune with
the rhythms of the natural world?
Ardel, K & Wilds, E. R., Teaching Mindfulness to Children & Teens, A Brighter Light in the World, 2011

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